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It’s time to start the movement #OutofTime. Spread the word and follow the journey on social media. We need to get our representatives to take steps to save our environment.

Zoe Lofgren is great as a House Impeachment manager. She pauses between facts, and says, "why was that important?" and puts it into the big picture & overall context.

@acespace Do celebrity voices count? Watch The Birds and The Bees, animated short featuring the voices of #SeanAstin, #AnjelicaHuston and #HasanMinhaj #climatechange https://t.co/4HnMLQvlAZ

Trump on Greta Thunberg’s warnings on climate change: “She beat me out on Time Magazine.”

Americans want a fair trial.

They want to believe their government is still capable of rising to the occasion.

They want to believe we can rise above party, to do what’s best for our country.

Sadly, a great many Americans doubt this is still possible.

Let's prove them wrong. https://t.co/VGor4FSQdS

“I know you don’t want to report about this.
I know you don’t want to talk about this.
But I assure you I will continue to repeat these numbers until you do.” https://t.co/IfyIVd7AZv